We present the services and facilities of Red Clinic. A Podiatric Clinic.

In Red Clinic. Podiatric Center provide services to patients in the field of podiatry, We expecielistas in preventing, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the foot. SERVICIOS Podologia general: Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions generally foot. Dermal Problems Corns and Calluses: Mushrooms, Cracked Heels, keratodermies, athletic market, sweating problems… Warts (papillomas). Pathologies of the nail: Onychomycosis(Mushrooms), Onychodystrophy(Thickened nails), Onicocriptosis(ingrown toenail)…. Ortopodologia,biomechanics and template: Custom templates for each patient. Custom silicone orthotic (Protectors Read More…

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